Allowances for Internet Data – How Much Is Enough?

Allowances for Internet Data – How Much Is Enough?

What does it mean to be a heavy data user? Or even a light one?

Checking which of these user profiles you match is a less precise but faster technique to obtain an idea of what kind of data allotment you require.

‘I’ll use it every now and then to keep up with friends and intriguing news,’ says a low-data user.

You enjoy browsing the internet or checking your email.

  • You check your Facebook or Twitter accounts on a regular basis.
  • You don’t download music directly to your phone or play a lot of games on it.
  • You might use your phone to communicate online or watch a video clip now and again.
  • You’re unlikely to spend more than an hour every day on the internet.

Does this describe you? If that’s the case, you’re a light data user who’ll be fine with a 2-5GB data allocation.

‘I need it for my email, social media, and entertainment,’ says a medium data user.

You use an on-board or downloadable email client like Gmail to download email to your phone on a daily basis.

  • You spend a significant amount of time online and download a few games or software each month.
  • You like to watch videos on online streaming sites like YouTube every now and then, and you might even download a few tunes.
  • Does this ring a bell? This indicates that you are a medium data user. A monthly data limit of at least 10GB is required.

‘I rely on my phone for both amusement and business,’ says a heavy data user.

Jom Apply Time internet plan Malaysia out of data.

Every day, you send and receive a large number of emails, many of which contain attachments.

  • You probably watch videos online several times per week and download a lot of apps, games, and music for your phone.
  • You’re also a big fan of streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.
  • You rely on your mobile internet for business and communication with friends and family, and you need to use it for several hours each day.

Is this a regular occurrence for you? Yes? This indicates that you are a heavy user. You’ll probably need the Jom Apply Time internet plan Malaysia if you don’t want to run out of data.

How much information do I require?

It can be difficult to determine which apps utilize how much data as more and more apps require access to internet services. On your phone, you can see how much money you’ve spent. If you have an iPhone, open Settings, select Mobile Data, and scroll down to discover which apps are consuming the most data. 

The one who consumes the most calories will be at the top of the list. Android users can see a detailed graph of their data usage over the previous months, as well as a list of apps that are hogging the most data, by going to the Data Usage tab in Settings. While these tools are useful for getting a general idea of how much data you’re consuming, it’s also useful to see how specific services and use are broken down. The following is a nice place to begin:

644MB for an hour of Netflix, iPlayer, or Amazon Prime video streaming

Streaming a two-hour high-definition movie – 4.2GB

An hour of online gaming – 43MB

80MB for an hour of music on Spotify or Apple Music.

Browsing 60 web pages takes 140MB.

Download one song (about 4–8MB).

A film trailer (60–100MB) can be downloaded.

5MB for one hour of driving using Google Maps

You should be able to estimate how much data you’ll consume based on this information and an honest assessment of how you use your phone (for example, how often do you stream music?). So, if you enjoy viewing Netflix movies over 4G, you’ll need a larger data allowance. If you merely use your phone to browse the web or check email, a reduced amount should suffice.

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