Biomedical Science in Malaysia

Biomedical Science in Malaysia

Biomedical science is a more in-depth study of biology than medicine and covers all facets of genetics and DNA. You will learn about the nature of diseases, how they develop, possible treatments, cloning, and whether there is even a treatment for AIDS if you earn a degree in this field. Biochemistry, genetics, haematology, microbiology, parasitology, immunology, and pharmacology are a few possible topics. You will work extensively with microscopes and learn the fundamentals of medical laboratories. Graduates can pick from a variety of employment options. The information you obtain can help you advance in practically any sector that involves study and analysis, including medical, veterinary science, biotechnology, forensics, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Why should you study Biomedical Science?

  • Better Career Options

One of your alternatives after graduation is to work in the field of biomedicine. You can also pursue a variety of other careers, including those in the healthcare sector, clinical toxicology, immunology, diagnostic, scientific research, haematology, forensic laboratories, forensic medicine, clinical biochemistry, education, management, genetics, biomedical equipment, and pharmaceutical sales, to name just a few.

  • Contribute to Human Rights

Ever heard of animal and human cloning and how it goes against their legal rights? But why, you ask? Well, you will find out exactly how to clone and why is it wrong to clone another human with a degree in Biomedical Science.

  • Getting into Medical Field

Medical professionals are not limited to physicians. Graduates in biomedical sciences will have a significant impact on genetics, which will significantly influence medical practice. Biomedical scientists are the ones that identify novel illnesses and prospective treatments, which has an impact on how other medical specialists perform their trade.

Skill Required 

  • Team Player

Do you take pleasure in teamwork where you assist one another? Do you enjoy hearing others’ concepts and being struck by how you had never considered it before? Well, whether you’re in a lab or a hospital, a biomedical scientist should always be a part of the medical team. Although working with people is a necessary part of life, if you find it enjoyable, you already possess one of the talents needed to pursue biomedical science.

  • Being Meticulous

A biomedical scientist’s work involves a significant amount of sample collection and data analysis. To correctly examine those microscopic bacteria and formulate chemical remedies to treat ailments, it is crucial to be meticulous.

  • Being Analytical

You’ll require analytical skills because you’ll be doing several laboratories and scientific analyses on fluid and tissue samples. In addition, you must assess the efficacy of treatments before pharmacists recommend them to patients. Your employment involves working in hospital departments on medical illnesses including cancer, AIDS, diabetes, screening for diseases, etc., thus your analytical skills will be useful.

Entry Requirements 

To study biomedical courses in Malaysia You must have finished your tertiary education with an A level or an equivalent credential in order to be eligible for a BSc. in Biomedical Sciences at a Malaysian university. You must have taken Chemistry, Biology, and occasionally Mathematics as part of your A-level courses. Additionally, you will be required to demonstrate your English language skills by passing the TOEFL or IELTS test. The majority of courses demand that you have an IELTS score of at least 5.5 out of 9.0. Sending a question to or looking through the website of the university you are interested in will provide you with information on the specific course requirements and tuition costs.

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