Do Employees Want To Return To The Office

Do Employees Want To Return To The Office

This pandemic has broken more than one technological as well as a cultural barrier around the world. The disruptions we faced in the IT world, from cloud backup malaysia integrations to digitizations of the workforce, the changes have been amazing. And certainly long-lasting. 

These changes bring the question, do people want to come back to the offices? What do they expect? Do they find it better to work from home?

After years of wishing we could sleep in and not commute to work, we are finally able to do so. However, it has not turned out to be what we imagined it to be. Working from home, despite its perks has been a challenging journey. Trying to get the balance between work life and our personal life has been a struggle in the past year. Especially those who lived in cramped environments with more than a dozen members of the family. 

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The many challenges including the push from the upper management state that people want to go back to their offices. The reason being a hit on the office’s collaborative nature and productivity. It is true that remote work has ruined what we know as the typical office and company culture. But this has not been a bad thing for the past year. We may earn the collaborative nature an office environment provided but this has not taken a hit on the productivity we have seen. For many sectors, remote work has been nothing but beneficial. Technology has made it easier for us to connect with one another and work in a digital bubble. Especially for techn companies and e-commerce companies. 

But on the other side of the coin, there was also suffering. For sectors like education, teaching, construction work, people want to return to their offices. Parents and teachers alike have complained about the educational quality that suffered as a result of remote education. Little children cannot adapt to remote learning without the hundred percent of assistance from their working parents. Teachers struggle to get their attention from a tiny screen. Exams are delivered poorly as online mediums destroy the quality of their deliverance. Teachers, parents, students, all cannot wait for things to go face to face.

Many who are not in sectors like education are also dying to return to their offices. We miss our occasional banter in the office and the creativity that is sparked in the environment. Working from home has been incredibly lonely and demotivating for many people. Whether we would like to admit it or not, remote work has been wonderful for many sectors too. But we cannot do without going back to the office. It is likely that a hybrid workspace is to be created in the future and places as a permanent change. This way people can experience the best of both the office environment and WFH. major companies have been talking about flexibility in the work environment for a very long time. The post-pandemic world is likely to see a total change in flexibility. 

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