First Time Tips

First Time Tips

The first time we do everything is a nerve-wracking moment, we have no experience to guide us through it. The same thing goes for sex. The first time we want to have sex with someone is a nerve-wracking moment. Losing our virginity and giving our virginity to someone is probably a big deal for most people. We want this moment to be a special moment in our lives. 

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When it comes to the first time we had sex, almost everyone has the same experience which is awkward or funny. I mean it is your first time, it’ll definitely be awkward for you and for them. But to make that experience less awkward here are some tips for all the people out there. 

Discuss It 

Before you are surprised by this sentence, hear me out first. Having sex with someone is not something that we can do casually especially if it’s our first time. Talk with an adult figure that we can trust in our life. If talking with your parents is awkward try to talk it out with your older sister or maybe your experienced friends. By talking to someone with experience it will give you a bit more perspective about losing your virginity. 


Now that you are ready, we’ll be moving forward to the next step which is preparation. When it comes to preparation you need to be prepared physically, mentally, and also emotionally. What it means by preparation is for you to be in the right and suitable location and have all of the needed things like condoms and use sex toys if you want to. You can buy vibrator Malaysia, to help you out during intercourse. Remember, to be safe while having sexual intercourse. 


Listen out! This is the most important thing for both parties to understand. Make sure that you and the other party already give consent verbally. And, if in the middle of the session you don’t feel comfortable and you want to stop, let the other party know and they to must respect your decision. Sex is supposed to be an activity where both parties enjoy themselves and to experience that consent is important. It’s simple no means no and stop means stop, you don’t need any further explanation. It is your body and it’s your decision. 

It’s Takes Time 

The first time you are having sex, you will feel awkward and you might not hit the orgasm. Don’t stress over it, actually, it happens to most people for the first time. Each body is different and it takes many experiences to pleasure them and yourself. Instead of faking it out just to not feel embarrassed, you should talk it out and see what are other ways that work for both of you. Remember sex is not about the other party’s pleasures only it’s about your pleasures too. 

Enjoy Yourself 

Sex is one of the most effective ways to lose stress. That is why you need to make sure that you are enjoying yourselves and having a great time. If you don’t feel like trying something new or doing something new, tell them and don’t force yourself. It is important to listen to your body and gives it what it wants. 

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