Industries More Women Should Look Into

Industries More Women Should Look Into

As the world grows to be more open and diverse, so does the workfield. However, women are still living in the bubble of the 20th century that limits them in various capacities. Women are capable of achieving different goals, however, sometimes, without the support of others it becomes difficult to achieve the goals they want for themselves. There are many industries that still show male dominance. And while there is nothing wrong with it in itself, women should be allowed to choose the careers they want and not fear being the only women in their field. It is difficult for many women to push themselves into the fields they desire, but it is not impossible.


While we are seeing many more women in medicine,  it is still disproportionately male-dominated. Women are often subjected to the position of ‘nurse’ or ‘assistant’ when they are in fact able to be doctors themselves. Being a nurse is a perfectly respectable occupation if it is what you want. But, if you believe that you prefer to perform surgeries than being a doctor or surgeon can be exactly what you need. There are numerous fields within medicine to appeal to women, from neurosurgery to podiatrist studies. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re good at and what you are willing to work hard for.

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Engineering And Physics

Engineering and physics are two of the most demanding fields in the world. These are intensive and require high intelligence. There are few women in these industries, however, some of the best contributions in these fields were made by women. Engineering and physics should not be limited to men, because women are also able to appreciate the complexity of the two. Whether you want to be a mechanical engineer or a chemical engineer, the choices are limitless if you want to pursue either. Physics opens doors to working on aircrafts, at NASA or even teaching it at a higher level to inspire another generation of physics professors.

Culinary Arts

The culinary arts are a surprising one, as many would assume that women are gifted cooks in the kitchen. Not only is this a sexist mentality, but it is one that thrives in this industry. While women are expected to be able cooks, men are the ones who can aspire to be chefs. There aren’t many women in this field either, even though it would be expected. If you have an uncompromising love for food, then this might be the right industry for you.

Data Management

A more mathematical field is data management. While there aren’t many women here, the field is growing to be more open to them. SAP data management Malaysia not only assists in the preservation of data, it also controls aspects of its redistribution. Safeguarding the information of people is a worthy career for any woman who understands it and wants the challenge.

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