Kiosks And Embedded PC

Kiosks And Embedded PC

In this modern era of ours, technology has become a part of our lives. It is so integrated that it is almost impossible for us to live without it. In the last ten years or so we have been moving towards a generation where self-service is the in-thing. Now, you can see self-service machines, better known as kiosks machines, just about anywhere. From self-ticketing machines to vending machines to self-ordering machines. It exists just about anywhere. 

From the surface, all we see are ourselves pressing a single button and the machine carrying out our order. What we don’t see is the magic behind the scenes that happen. For instance, the self-ordering machines we see in fast-food chain restaurants. The most common is the one we see in McDonald’s. We use it to order our food. It’s simply the act of ordering what we want and paying through the machine. We have no need to wait in line at the counter just to order, then have to wait in line again just to pay and receive our food. 

Magically isn’t. This is why I say that it’s extremely useful. But apart from kiosks, did you know that embedded PCs can be found in other places. Here are some reasons why embedded PCs can be found in many places.

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Smaller in Form

One thing to note about these embedded computers is that they come smaller in size than regular computers. Of course, there are large embedded PCs as well but the majority of them are smaller so as to fit into the space we require. Don’t believe me? I bet you didn’t know that your smartwatches and fitness trackers are embedded computers. Imagine having to carry a large computer with you when you’re on your daily run. Hilarious isn’t it. This is why embedded computers are the better choice. 


The embedded computers are designed for specific uses only. Oftentimes, these intelligent machines will be in charge of performing certain actions only. For instance, the GPS systems in-built in our cars are programmed to show the directions to our intended destinations. Unless the entire system is reprogrammed, the embedded PC will function as a GPS until the end of its lifecycle. An added bonus is that since it is single-function, the chances of it malfunctioning are lesser.

Lower in Cost

As mentioned before, because the embedded computers are programmed to be single-function, it has fewer components and fewer complexities. Hence, it is generally cheaper to produce. In hindsight, since these embedded computers have fewer components, it would make it easier to repair should it malfunction. 


One crucial point we should never forget is that embedded computers are generally more power-efficient than other computers. This is because they are programmed to be single-function, thus it has fewer components that would heat up the device. Additionally, we have no need for built-in fans as they do not heat up to the point of needing one. 

Simply put, embedded computers are special in their own way. In Xyreon, we prioritise the production of one of the best embedded PCs in Malaysia that will do wonders. For more information, check out our website. 

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