Medical Major Has Become One of the Popular Major?

Medical Major Has Become One of the Popular Major?

Health remains a fundamental right for every human being. Health education has increased with advances in medicine and healthcare facilities, with various courses and specializations offered in educational centers. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) are two different programs offered at the University. Recognised university for mbbs degree in malaysia.

What is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery)?

It is a general bachelor’s degree in medicine where students are trained in all aspects of medicine and, upon completion, can practice as a doctor or physician. It is an essential qualification for further study in higher medical studies or a postgraduate degree in medicine.

It covers human pathology, dermatology, general surgery, pediatrics, human anatomy, microbiology, applied pharmacology, and medical biochemistry. In most countries, MBBS is completed after four years of study, but it can take as long as six years, depending on the framework of a nation of study.

What is an MD (Doctor of Medicine)?

It is a postgraduate or master’s degree that students are only eligible for after completing and passing an MBBS degree but can be equated to a Ph.D. in several countries. It is superior to MBBS as it is more specialized. Students choose one area of ​​specialization instead of studying all aspects of medicine, such as pediatrics, gynecology, and dentistry. The course takes two years, with a mandatory thesis and dissertation requirement.

The similarities between MBBS and MD are medical programs to become a doctor.

Even though the lectures look fun, the material you will learn in the medical department will feel quite challenging.

The study program is very competitive, where each student struggles to become the best doctor candidate in his generation.

So that your journey in this major can run smoothly, here are three things you must prepare first. But, first, please Take a Noted, yes!

1. Strong understanding of chemistry, mathematics, and physics

You also need a good deal of concepts around chemistry, physics, and mathematics concepts. According to SGU, the human body is a complex consisting of organs, tissues, and systems that depend on each other.

For this reason, you also need to understand the concepts of chemistry, physics, and mathematics lessons to understand the interactions and reactions that occur in the body. For example, you need to understand the chemical reactions that trigger biological processes to the correct drug dose to produce the desired response.

2. Think systematically

Every cell and system in the human body is interconnected and even dependent on one another. Therefore, it takes specific and systematic thinking skills so that you can understand and analyze them well.

3. Able to speak good English

You need to have good English skills. This department will use many books and theories that are published in English. Maybe some vocabulary will sound foreign, and you can search the google engine to find out what it means. Sometimes also, some books use Latin.

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