What Are Metals And What Do We Use Them For?

What Are Metals And What Do We Use Them For?

You have probably heard about metals one too many times. It is used in a lot of things in our surroundings but we are far from understanding what metal actually is. 

A metal is any solid material that looks shiny, hard, and can use to conduct heat. The pan we use for cooking is made out of metal and we characterize it as metal because it looks hard, shiny, and con conducts heat. What about when we see some copper wires? Do we consider them metal as well? As a matter of fact, we actually do consider them to be metal. Our human brain tends to perceive anything that looks shiny and solid as metal while metal can also be extremely thin, bendy, and ductile. How is that possible when the typical image of metal in our head looks like stacks and rods of iron.

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In the scientific world, metal is defined as an element that forms cations and has metallic bonds. But what are cations and what are metallic bonds? We are taking a much more scientific route to understanding what metal is, so bear with the complex terminologies. 

Every element is made up of building blocks that we know as atoms. Everything we see and touch is made of atoms. Without atoms, we cease to exist and so do metals. In the atomic structure, sometimes they may lose an electron. Once they lose electrons they form positive ions, that is cations. In the metal, we have positive ions. And it has metallic bonding. This metallic bonding allows for metal atoms to bond and this property of the metal allows for many functions of metals. That is malleability, strength, and even heat and electrical conductivity. Without the metallic bonding in the metal atoms, there will be no such element that has strength and malleability all in one. 

Metals are used for many different purposes. They all have their own unique features and necessities. Because of its heat conductivity, we often use it for cooking, wiring, constructing, and so on. Because of its malleability, we metal to create metal products such as thin sheets, tins, and any other product. Metals can be made into anything we desire by changing their physical form and you can do this in two very different ways. For one, you can change their shape and form into anything using tensile strength. Using tensile strength to change metallic shape is to stretch the metal. Yes, it is possible for metals to stretch. On the other hand, we can also compress the metal to form a new shape. Compressive strength on the metal is done by hammering the metal down. 

Metals are used for so many different tasks. Because they conduct electricity pretty well we use them to power up electronics and connect one to another. Without the power of metal, there is no possible way to light up an entire home. Metals come in the shape of copper, aluminum, steel,  gold, sulfur, and even zinc. Metal manufacturers such as CFM use various processes like large cnc machining johor to get the best of metal solutions.  

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