Which Metal Roof is the best for your home?

Which Metal Roof is the best for your home?

Metal roofs are roofs that are made up of metal alloys, like Zinc, Copper which are the most commonly used alloy to manufacture metal roofs. Since metal roofs can withstand heat and stronger impact from severe storms or extreme weather, the demand for metal roofs skyrocketed over the past ten years. As people tend to buy out metal roofs since it offers better advantages as I mentioned before. However, most people don’t even realize is that there are different types of metal roofs and each type of metal roof offers a different level of benefit following the materials being used. Thus, I would like to present the types of metal roofs available and which one is the best for your home. 

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Types of Metal Roofs 

As I mentioned, metal roofs are popularly installed in all sorts of properties, from your cozy homes to office buildings, thus it is better to choose a suitable metal roof that is purposely manufactured for residential homes, especially landed properties. Without further ado, here are a few types of metal roofs that are considered the best for residential homes. 

  1. Aluminum Roof 

Aluminum roofing sheets are extremely popular among roofers and contractors, and there are numerous compelling reasons why you should use aluminum for your next roofing project. It is not only a versatile material that will be well-suited and structurally sound on a variety of structures, but it is also simple to work with and can be utilized for practically all roofing tasks. Offices, buildings, and even houses can benefit from having aluminum roofing sheets installed instead of other traditional roofing materials since they are less expensive overall and easier to install for practically all roofing sheet requirements.

  1. Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofing panels are a type of metal roofing product. In their most basic form, they are panels with male and female legs that engage and attach to the roofing substructure with clips. However, as panel alternatives have expanded, it is now typical to find clipless panels featured in this product family as well. Regardless of the connection technique, it is consistent that standing seam panels do not employ exposed fasteners in the panel plane during panel installation. Exposed fasteners may or may not be used for trim applications, depending on the project.

  1. Corrugated Metal Roof

It is inexpensive, light in weight, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and simple to install. Corrugated metal roofing is a great alternative to asphalt shingles and clay tile roofs. Corrugated panels’ endurance makes them suitable for both commercial and residential applications when utilized for metal roofing and metal siding projects. They are also utilized in other parts of the house, such as the ceiling, wainscoting, and fence.

  1. Copper Roof 

Copper is a natural material that has been used to coat roofs for millennia. Many medieval houses and churches had copper roofs, and some are still standing today. With lifespan and energy efficiency being top objectives when developing and remodeling buildings, copper roofing is quickly becoming a tremendously popular metal roofing option for both industrial and personal premises. It may be a more expensive option than other roofing materials, but the benefits, including environmental friendliness and low weight, much outweigh the drawbacks.
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