Why Your Personal Data Is At Risk

Why Your Personal Data Is At Risk

The world is advancing rapidly into the cyber era that means more cyber attacks, cyber terrorism and many other compromising aspects of the internet. While digitization has allowed us a number of advantages in communication, employment and sustainability, the threats that come with it are plenty. Every year, cyberterrorism records a number of attacks on government sites, the theft of important data and money, and the release of state secrets that bring about chaos in the state. Therefore, protecting data has become much more important, especially when it is stored on a virtual platform like SAP cloud Malaysia. Having measures in place to protect your personal information is paramount to prevent the following. 

Identity Theft

It may be harder to hack into somebody’s private devices, however, once that aspect is covered it is relatively easy to get all the information you need about the person. Our devices carry our identities. We have emails that are linked to banks, to our passport details, to our ID cards and any of our social media and business links. Not only this, but our emails link us to other people, too. That means that through you, a hacker can potentially access data about other people. Identity theft is the act of stealing someone’s details and acting as them for benefits. It is a serious crime that results in long jail times. 

Loss Of Finances

Banks are weary of this and understand that, now that everything is computerised, people do not always have to be on-site to commit a robbery. Many can be performed off-site to channel money to different regions or transfer it out of accounts. The same goes for cryptocurrencies. In one year, a thief stole $ 600 million USD worth of cryptocurrency and it has not been fully recovered since then. The dangers of the digital age are prevalent. While there are many verification steps in place to make it user friendly to the customer while still giving security, the digital age has found a way around it. The cryptocurrency theft reported has left many investors stuck in a limbo, having had their investments stolen.


Blackmail is prevalent even in government sectors. The theft of personal data can easily be used for criminals to gain an upper hand in something. Many officials have been accused of inappropriate activity like theft, sex scandals and many others that have been released to the public when demands were not met. Hackers access their personal laptops, computers and phones or financial records and other personal files, and take the details that can bend people to their will. Blackmail comes in many forms, and even terrorists have used it as a means of negotiating terms with world leaders. 

The importance of data security cannot be understated. There are many ways to protect oneself from plausible threats, however it is never guaranteed that one’s details will always be safe from the hands of others.

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